Notation on operation sales

Seller Bonno, Inc.
Seller 中 中
location 〒550-0015
Osaka Prefecture Nishi Ward Nishi Ward 1-21-3 1F
phone number Tel: 06-6531-8231
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Terms on sales

About selling prices Sales prices are displayed as displayed (display price / consumption tax included).
In addition, delivery fee may be applied separately. Please check the following "About shipping costs" for shipping charges.
Payment time and method
Payment method Credit card payment is available.
Payment time Payment is determined at the time of product order.
Time to hand over the service or product Basically, we will ship after checking stock.
We will ship within 1 to 3 days (excluding weekends and holidays) after receiving the request for delivery.
About returned goods
Special matter
If the product is a defective product, or if a product different from your order has arrived, it will be limited. During delivery, shipping costs will be addressed at our burden. Please contact me within 7 days after the product arrives.

about shipping cost

Shipping cost 【Japan in Japan】
Free shipping on purchases over the country uniform ¥ 600 / ¥ 5,000
※ Some regions may take additional shipping costs.

· DHL Express
Shipping cost Buy money
Asia 2500 Yen Free shipping over 25,000 yen
Europe 3000 yen Free shipping over 30000 yen
NORTH AMERICA 3000 yen Free shipping over 30000 yen
Oceania 3000 yen Free shipping over 30000 yen

· International Registered Mail
Shipping cost Buy money
Asia 1000 yen Free shipping over 20000 yen
※ Weight 600g
(※ About 10 socks only, only Leggings only)