No sewing Russell Jacquard knitting original line
"TRI.R Toral" has started.
Using a rare Russell machine (special knit machine) in Japan
It features a unique knitting fabric that is three -dimensionally finished without sewing.
It is a delicate and durable fabric and has a stress -free feeling.

3-Tri /Birds taken from the designer's name-bird
Russell Jacquard Knitting -raschel JACQUARD The initial R
It is an original line of naming.

For sustainable methods that do not put out the discarded dough that comes out at the time of production
We actively work and use it for design and use it in design. We make each one carefully with machines and people.


Original leg items and clothing miscellaneous goods of "MADE INJAPAN", which adds a variable knitted fabric and playfulness with the quality of the material and the special knitting technology. The design work that combines the expressive braid techniques and creativity that has been repeatedly researched has been evolving to cherish the "Toki" that can only be met now.

Nonnette believes that by using various kinds of knitting machines to create the expressions of various fabrics, the possibilities of legwear are infinitely expanded.


I feel that my heart will be rich if I pay attention to my feet
Expressive coloring with your feet at your heart

It seems like a smiling smile spills
With my heart so that today's day will be wrapped happily

For your lifestyle
Enjoy your styling
We make legwear with free ideas


A mysterious shape in nature I'm struck by the movement of living things

The wind and the waves create an interesting sand pattern
The shapely beauty of birds and nests

Gentle feelings To express strength and impact
Get tips on the different things in nature

It's like you're going to be your tinge, like your tension going up like you're going to have a full power.

I want to make such a thing

Journal (number)

made in Japan

"made in Japan"original leg item that added a changing knitting fabric and playfulness with the quality of the material and special knitting technology.