An original leg item of "made in Japan" that adds a playfulness and a changing knitted fabric with the high quality of the material and special knitting technique. The design work, which is a fusion of expressive knitting technology and creativity that has been researched, continues to evolve in order to cherish the "special" that can only be encountered now.

Nonnette believes that the possibilities of legwear are endless by using different types of knitting machines to create different fabric expressions.


I feel that my heart will be enriched if I pay attention to my feet
Tokimeki in your heart, expressive colors at your feet

She seems to be fascinated by herself and makes her laugh
With all my heart, I hope that the people who use it will be wrapped up in happiness.

For your lifestyle
Enjoy your own styling
We make legwear with free ideas


A mysterious shape in nature I'm struck by the movement of living things

The wind and the waves create an interesting sand pattern
The shapely beauty of birds and nests

Gentle feelings To express strength and impact
Get tips on the different things in nature

It's like you're going to be your tinge, like your tension going up like you're going to have a full power.

I want to make such a thing

Journal (number)

大阪髙島屋1F**POP UP 11/1~11/14

大阪髙島屋1F**POP UP 11/1~11/14

11/1(wed.)~11/14 (tue.)まで大阪髙島屋1F婦人洋品売場にてPOP UPを開催しています。大人気のラッセルシリーズ『 tri.R  トリアール 』や冬の新作ソックス・アームカバーなどを取り揃えてお待ちしております。ぜひ、この機会に冬支度を始めてはいかがでしょうか♡

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大阪髙島屋1F**POP UP 8/9~8/21

大阪髙島屋1F**POP UP 8/9~8/21

8/9(wed.)~8/21 (mon.)まで大阪髙島屋1FにてPOP UPさせていただきます。人気のラッセルシリーズ『 tri.R  トリアール 』を数量限定にて販売させていただきます。一部、新作も取り揃えて先行販売をいたします。その他、アームカバーやソックスもご用意してお待ちしております。...

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made in Japan

"made in Japan"original leg item that added a changing knitting fabric and playfulness with the quality of the material and special knitting technology.