I feel that my heart will be enriched if I pay attention to my feet
Tokimeki in your heart, expressive colors at your feet
She seems to be fascinated by herself and makes her laugh
With all my heart, I hope that the people who use it will be wrapped up in happiness.

For your lifestyle
Enjoy your own styling
We make legwear with free ideas


In 2009, the collection started as a legwear brand [nonnette nonnet] from A / W. Since then, the collection has been announced twice a year in the form of a joint exhibition. Selected for the PLUG IN exchange program "Premiere Class" and presented the collection at the 2012 Paris Exhibition. From 2017, the collection will be announced twice a year at the New York showroom.
He continues his energetic activities, such as operating actual stores and expanding products to select shops of about 60 domestic companies and 15 overseas companies.


Sachi Torii Born in Hyogo Prefecture July 24, 1981 Engaged as a designer in the "knitted fabric development project" of a sock factory with a knitting machine development engineer, and prototyped and developed many knitted fabric patterns. He learns various knitting techniques for various machines. He gained a career as a legwear designer, including OEM projects for retailers and manufacturers, and launched the original legwear brand "nonnette" in 2009. He is also active in various fields, such as producing haute couture for collections of certain Paris Fashion Week participating brands.The name of the shop, bec de nonnette, means "nonnet's beak". The name nonnette is smaller than the sparrow and is the name of a kind of bird called the Marsh tit. Named by a bird-loving designer.

A mysterious shape in nature, the movement of creaturesI'm touched

An interesting sand pattern created by the wind and waves
The sculptural beauty of birds and nests ...

Gentle feelings to express strength and impact
Inspired by various things in nature

It ’s full of power, it ’s like his tension goes up.
Like your amulet

I want to make such a thing

The high quality of the material and the special knitting technique add a variety of knitted fabrics and playfulness.“Made in Japan”Original leg item. The design work, which is a fusion of expressive knitting technology and creativity that has been researched, continues to evolve in order to cherish the "special" that can only be encountered now.

By using various types of knitting machines to create various fabric expressions, the possibilities of legwear are endless.nonnetteI believe.

Creating fabrics created by unique creativity and insatiable quest. Socks have a front thread and a back thread, and both the front thread and the back thread are important for fabric making and comfort, and I think that the combination is important above all. We are particular about the best combination of careful manufacturing and machines, and we put our thoughts into making fabrics.

The graph is the blueprint for knitting socks with a knitting machine. How to draw the graph changes greatly depending on the type of machine and the design you want to express. side722000Trout vertical2006000The designer himself draws a very detailed graph called a square.nonnetteThe biggest feature. Graph creation that can express delicate detail work and pursue a higher degree of perfection by sticking to every corner. It's a very simple task, but designers love making graphs.