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Single cylinder jacquard knitting machine

There are several types of machines with three-dimensional and high-class feel that can be created with Sox's round knitting machine, but we have a Jacquard or spiral knitting two-story function. It is made with a jacquard knitting machine of a single cylinder added.
Since there are two yarns, the surface yarn floats the handle part with a different yarn of thick yarn or a different yarn, a slight thread, and a low-twitter thread and a minimum of four combinations. You can make a look-like fabric with the compatibility of the yarn that feels and combine.

Basic fabrics of the base part are not flat, but will be the branded part in the transition to the side where it can be seen and vertically. This part can be relatively elongated. Since the part that corresponds to the edition is knitted using two or more yarns, if one is knitted, the other is floating backward, and the thread is sloppy horizontally, and the shrinkability of this part is lost. . Adjusting the length of the vertical and horizontal lengths, we devise to minimize the wire.
Finally, we will put a color partially in the boss thread. Since the boss thread is also the back yarn, the pattern formation is careful and it is easy to pass through the foot.
The material of the surface is emphasizing the texture, but the figurine uses the 100th binometer with the hair number. Sense of strength up and a sense of strength will be issued while utilizing the beautiful expression of the fine number. The back yarn is a power that can be comfortable to fit soft legs.

Single Jacquard Benes can express fine and delicate patterns than any knit machine and are very attractive. It is a machine that can make various fabrics that wear various shoes from casual to elegant. I would like to continue to evolve by creating new knitted fabrics by research.