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素材の上質さと特殊な編み技術で変化のある編地と遊び心をプラスした"made in Japan"オリジナルレッグアイテムと服飾雑貨。
日々研究を重ねた表情豊かな編み技術とクリエイティビティが融合したデザインワークは今しか出会えない『とっておき』を大切にするために進化を続けている。 "こころにドキッと響く"繊細なディテールワークとユーモアを大切にし、日々の暮らしを楽しく彩るアイテムを創造している。

NS331Y  :::  Gently flowing Socks :::


color:  25 / light yellow

material:  綿25%、レーヨン23%、ナイロン19%、ポリエステル18%、リネン11%、シルク2%

size: 23~25cm (one size)

The postage is 600 yen (tax included) uniformly nationwide.
◎ If the purchase amount is 5,000 yen or more, we will deliver it with free shipping.
* Additional shipping costs may be charged for remote islands and some areas.

Consumption tax for postage Other treatment remarks
This price includes consumption tax.

【Non-delivery area】
Delivery may not be possible in some areas such as Okinawa Prefecture and remote islands. In addition, orders placed in regions that are judged not to be deliverable by the shipping company may be canceled even after the sales contract has been concluded.
If there is a possibility that it is applicable, please contact us in advance.

[About shipment to overseas (OVERSEAS)]
For overseas shipments, one company can complete the delivery, and the international courier service (DHL) that is easy to control the qualityin principle, and other shipping methods are not supported.
All packages will be shipped by cargo.

As an exception, only products with a weight of up to 600 g for the Asian area can use international e-packets (small packages with writing and airmail).
It is shipped from a post office in Japan, and the purchased goods are delivered to the postal service in your country.
There are variations in the delivery quality of each country, so if you can trust the postal service in your home country, please use it.
If there is a problem with the delivery, we cannot guarantee it.

■Payment amount
Display amount including consumption tax + postage

■Supported areas
The target countries that can be specified as destinations are as follows: (As of March 31, 2021)
China、Hong Kong、TaiwanSouth Korea、Macau、Malaysia、Indonesia、Philippines、Singapole、Thailand、Thailand

Austria、Belgium、Denmark、Spain、Finland、France、United Kingdom、Greece、Ireland、Italy、Luxembourg、Netherlands、Norway、Portugal、Sweden、Czech、Hungary、Bulgaria、Poland、Romania

North America
United states of America、Canada、Mexico

Australia、new Zealand

Postage and delivery days

DHL Express

Shipping Purchase amount
Asia 2,500 yen Free shipping over 25,000 yen 3~5 Working Days
Europe 3,000 yen Free shipping over 30,000 yen 5~7 Working Days
North America 3,000 yen Free shipping over 30,000 yen 5~7 Working Days
Oceania 3,000 yen Free shipping over 30,000 yen 5~7 Working Days
International registered mail
Shipping Purchase amount
Asia 1,000 yen Free shipping over 20,000 yen
※Weight up to 600g
(*About 10 socks only, 2 leggings only)
10~14 Working Days

■Address entry
As usual, please enter your address in English.
If the default input field does not meet the address standards or requires annotations, please fill in the address in the remarks field again.
We will not be liable for any trouble if there is a mis-entry or error in the address of the destination address.

Customs duties, import taxes, and customs fees may be imposed on the purchased products at the time of customs in the destination country.
At that time, it will be borne by the recipient, so please pay DHL directly at the time of delivery.
Please note that tax and access fee policies vary from country to country and cannot be undersed by us.

If you refuse to receive a parcel due to import taxes or duties, you are fully responsible for the transportation price, return costs, customs fees, and fees.
Please understand in advance that you will be responsible for.

■Check delivery status
Please check the DHL tracking number in the "Order confirmation email" and check the DHL page.

Free shipping on purchases over ¥ 5,000 in Japan

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